I’m a logo-er, I am!

I’m a logo-er, I am!

Following on from my last blog/rant which was a year ago, here’s my latest offering!

So often when I’m out and about I get asked what I do for a living… ‘I’m a graphic designer’, is usually my answer. To which I can get any of these replies…

‘What do you design, then? Interiors?’

‘Er, what’s a graphic designer..?’

‘Oh, ok. Does that mean that you work from your spare bedroom..?’

‘Isn’t it about time you got a real job?’

‘Graphic designer? Does that mean you draw stuff?’

Over the years, it’s been called different things…

  • Commercial artist
  • Communication designer
  • Brand consultant
  • Design consultant

None of them really explain it any better. So I’ve struggled along trying to explain what I do.

Until recently, that is. My six year old daughter suddenly said, ‘Daddy, when I grow up I want to be like you…’

‘How do you mean, Daisy?’

‘I want to work at what you do… I want to be a logo-er…You design logo’s Daddy, that means you’re a logo-er. And that’s what I want to be!’

So there you go. From now on I want to be called a logo-er. And if anyone asks me what I do for a living, you know what I’ll tell them…

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